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CBE 30th Anniversary Conference: Future Research and Education in Chemical and Biological Engineering

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From the Hong Kong International Airport to HKUST

  • Red taxi (Hong Kong International Airport → HKUST)
    • Estimated travel time: 45 minutes
    • Estimated cost: HK$360
  • Airport Express (Hong Kong International Airport → Kowloon Station) + Red Taxi (Kowloon Station → HKUST)
    • Estimated travel time: 25 minutes + 30 minutes
    • Estimated cost: HK$105 + HK$220
  • Bus Number A29 (Hong Kong International Airport → Po Lam) + Taxi (Red or Green) 
    • Estimated travel time: 100 minutes + 15 minutes
    • Estimated cost: HK$42 + HK$65 or HK$6.1


Other Public Transport to HKUST 

Please refer to HKUST CSO website : 
N.B.: Campus security may check your identity card at Entrance Gates.




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Located in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) campus near the South Entrance, Conference Lodge is the most upscale accommodation option on the campus.



Conference Venue

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HKUST Shaw Auditorium

campus map
HKUST Campus Virtual Tour



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There are 20 restaurants in the campus. For restaurant details, please refer to CSO website:




Precautionary Measures of COVID-19

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We value the health and safety of all attendees, and organizers. Please refer to the latest policies of the Hong Kong Government: