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Welcome to the website of Chemical and Biological Engineering’s (CBE) 30th anniversary celebration. Formerly known as CENG, CBE was founded in 1993, two years after the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s official establishment in 1991. Since its inception, the Department has excelled along with HKUST, recognized as one of the fastest-growing universities and ranked as highly by various University Ranking organizations. 

To celebrate this important milestone for the department, we are going to organize a series of celebration events organized by the department and the CBE community. The pivotal event of the celebration is an international conference to be held at our stunning university campus. Upholding HKUST’s mission in research and teaching for creativity, innovation, and assistance in the economic and social development of Hong Kong and beyond, CBE is thrilled to lead an international conference, which coincides with our 30th anniversary celebration. To echo the spirit of the University’s mission, the theme of the conference “Future Research and Education in Chemical and Biological Engineering” aims to facilitate collaboration by connecting students, faculty, alumni, and industrial participants to the local, Greater Bay Area, and the international community.  In addition, this conference represents a symbolic milestone as we unveil the exciting opening of our Guangzhou (GZ) campus. This expansion displays our relentless efforts to contribute to the development of sustainability, energy, healthcare, and more to our community, and the rest of the world.

Along with the above objectives, we hope the celebration and the conference can build positive momentum for the faculty and the students. Holding the belief that sharing of intellectual exchanges not only enriches students’ learning experiences, but also fosters personal growth, healthy and strong societies.  Hence, here we are, excited to have this opportunity to outreach and promote unity with the rest of the world as a whole.  
We look forward to having you joining us to celebrate and share our happiness. Please feel free to navigate our website.  We hope you will enjoy your exploration and find the journey interesting and inspirational!

Head and Professor

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Prof. I-Ming HSING
Head and Professor